Liri Browser
Liri Browser

Say hello to Liri, the open-source, cross-platform and material-design web browser.

Material Design

Liri is proudly powered by QML-Material, a QML framework developed by Papyros, based on Google's Material Design. The User Interface is aimed to be as minimal and meaningful as possible.

Chromium Engine

Liri relies on QtWebEngine, the brand new Qt web renderer based on Chromium, the most powerful and fastest web engine in the world, which supports the latest web standards.

Open Source

Liri's code is public, even this website's. Everyone is welcome to contribute and make Liri better. We use the awesome platform GitHub, which helps you to follow our progress and contribute (code, bug-reports, translations).


Whether you're running Linux, OSX or Windows, you'll be able to compile and run Liri. We'll do as much as we can to provide up-to-date builds for every platform.

Theme-color support

There are other things that make Liri even more awesome. One of them is theme-color support. Every web-developer can choose a color and Liri will match it.

Highlighted and auto-indented SourceCodeViewer

Another good thing: our SourceCodeViewer. Aren't you tired of reading these condensed code sources? Liri colors and arranges them to make them readable.